“A groomer’s answer to a clean , shiny coat — and bug control—Coat Enhancer.”     Lola

"Over only a few weeks, my horse’s hooves have gone from dry and cracked to smooth and healthy"            Sami

“Finally, there are products that do all that they claim they do.”      Jude

"We still LOVE these products! Don't know what to do without them!"      Jamee

“Coat Enhancer makes my horses' coat look fantastic and does a wonderful job on her long Morgan mane, not weighing it down, just making it look beautiful and healthy.”     Jill

"The EquiCoat Body Wash is the best I have ever used in all my 45 years of owning horses!... Love the clean, fresh, light fragrance, love how soft and shiny it makes the coat, and especially love how it rinses so easily, quickly, and thoroughly... Everyone should give it a try..."            Bonnie

“I really like this product as it does not leave the hair dry or too slippery after use. I can easily braid manes and tail.”       Trevor

"Amazing products that really do produce outstanding results while decreasing the amount of time required to prepare my ponies for the show ring. These are staple products in my program.”           Ali


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